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Polo was first brought to polo to Grand Rapids in the 1950s. Polo has been played in and
around Grand Rapids since that time at virtually every level. Eventually, the Kentree Polo Club
was formed and outdoor polo was played at the fields at Flat River in Fallasburg Park. Polo
flourished in in West Michigan in the 1980s as more people began playing and events like
"Polo in the Park" were regular summer occurrences. In 1987, Les Johnson and Meadowview
Farm brought the action of indoor polo here with an indoor arena for polo.

While polo is no longer played at the fields in Fallasburg Park, polo continues on. The
Meadowview Farm Polo Club carries on the traditions and excellence of polo by offering a
traditional grass polo field (similar to the one in Pretty Woman) that is the regulation size of
160 yards wide by 300 yards and a newly constructed outdoor arena that is a regulation size of
150 feet by 300 feet. People from all aspects of life from young entrepreneurs to farmers to fire
fighters are playing polo with the Meadowview Farm Polo Club.

Our newly constructed arena showcases the quick, physical and intense game of arena polo.
The new arena is a regulation size of 150 feet by 300 feet and provides a great view of all the
action. By contrast, our traditional grass polo field (similar to the one in Pretty Woman) is 160
yards wide by 300 yards long which provides more room for players to let their ponies really
Arena Tournament April 27
Helen Devos Children's Hospital Fundraiser June 28 and 29
Goodwill Fundraiser July 18 and 19
August 16 and 17 Polo Event Cancelled
Michigan Ladies Tournament September 6 and 7
End of Summer Polo Event September 6 at 3pm and 7 at noon
*Most games begin at 12/noon.  See Facebook for
Please call for a list of game times